Writing for Online Communities & Virtual/Hybrid Events

wordBrowne has recently been invited to join 365 Media’s “Alliance of Experts” to help trade associations, nonprofits and companies build more dynamic communities. Our community approach to marketing helps clients create new revenue streams through:

  • innovative platforms for online communities 
  • Strategies & playbooks for successful hybrid/virtual events
  • Meaningful engagement opportunities
  • Paid membership levels
  • Attracting new market segments
  • RFP functionality and other Business Accelerator Solutions
  • Including suppliers in the community with sponsored webinars & SME-centric media
  • Education, training & certification programs
  • Community-specific events & engagement.

Leveraging over 10 years of trade event marketing, management and business development experience, wordBrowne is excited to partner with 365 Media to deliver custom solutions for a wide range of clients who rely heavily on events to raise dollars for their organization.

Now more than ever, the power of words are essential for creating new business opportunities and driving sales. In the virtual platform, the elevator pitch, the sales meeting and the conference presentation are still powerful tools for your team to use, especially when new market segments are participating. Attracting these new audiences to your virtual event are opportunities that have been around since the first virtual trade show platforms were invented more than 15 years ago. Now that the internet has become our primary/necessary vehicle during this “new normal,” developing clear and reinforcing messaging for both internal and external audiences is more important to your organizational success. Let’s talk. We can help!