Story Builder

Margie Newman was one of the first people I met and befriended who was actually making a real living as a writer.  I met her during my “Evanston days” when she worked with me and other local professionals to start a small business association.  She gave me a lot of great advice for promoting my writing skills to earn a living, but I did not have the confidence or will to take that leap of faith.  More than ten years later, after I relocated to Milwaukee, I remember seeing Margie’s Linkedin post and her tagline read “I do story.”

I admired her confidence, but more importantly, she knew then that there was a market demand for great writers and – great storytellers.

I have so many stories to tell and my business allows me to work on these regularly.  But I also love helping clients tell their stories.  Every professional, every organization has a story to tell, they just have a hard time getting out of their own way when they try to tell it.  wordBrowne helps you tell that story by starting with the basics.  Every company, every product or service, or any aspect of success started as an idea, which led to a vision.  I start with that “once upon a time,” and help the client navigate through all the steps, all the episodes – especially the obstacles and defeats along the way – to build a great story that’s as tangible in its impact as the company or product itself.

What is your story?  How can we make it better?  Let’s talk.  Together, we can use the power of words to change the world.

Story Building Offerings.

Book Concept Development for Publishers
For non-fiction book ideas, we can develop an outline plus the first 30 pages (typical for pitching non-fiction concepts to publishers).  There are some who have approached me that already have content written – usually in journal format.

Self-Published Book Development
We can provide original content for your book concept. We can work with your publisher or you can choose from strategic partners we have that excel in self-publishing.

Feature Articles or Column Series
We can provide original content for articles geared toward trade publications, local publications, or corporate publications.

Trade Magazine Publishing – in Print and Digital Formats
If your strategy calls for launching an industry periodical or corporate newsletter, we have extensive experience creating a publication that reflects your mission and vision for your company and/or industry.

Research and Development
Whether it’s a blog, an article, or a book, we have a successful track record for conducting research – primary source and secondary source – and communicating our findings in a manner that helps your organization or thought leaders tell their why.