Copywriting by definition is the act or preparation of writing text for the purpose of advertising or other forms or marketing. If you’re old enough to remember (or you watched Mad Men!), there was a time when winning print ads came with provocative copy. You would flip through a magazine and actually stop to read an ad because the copy – the storyline – was as alluring as the brand imaging.

In today’s world of social media and the dominance of the internet of things, great copywriting is more important than ever.

In several industries, the printed technical sales sheet is a lost art. You walk into a distributor’s shop and the guy at the counter has his favorite product sales sheets tacked to the wall behind him (or her). Again, good copy is as important as the product photography and the specs, especially when the sales reps are using it in the pitch.

In approaching the internet of things, profit-generating copywriting is more than just placement of keywords – it’s about selling the client’s why. Copy from wordBrowne combines great storytelling with SEO keywords and brand integration so it can be re-purposed for all forms of media – even proposals and employee training guides.

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