Writing for Technology: Technical Writing, RFPs, Sprints, User Stories/Cases, etc.

I got into technical writing by accident. I got the lead the old fashioned way: I met a guy in a bar. He had just been hired by a growing IT consulting firm after his start-up failed to get a second round of funding. When I told him that I had no experience writing for IT, he said “that’s why I’m interested in working with you.”

This new client needed help with an RFP (request for proposal) on an enterprise data warehouse development for a large packaging company. They needed a writer who could explain their services, capabilities and their actual plan in lay terms so that key decision-makers could get a clear understanding.

The success of this work led to more RFPs, copy-editing and re-writing their website, and creating storyboards and presentations for the diverse vendor competitions that they were actively pursuing.