Books, Publications & Book Ideas

The author William Joyce once told me that every person has at least one great story in them. And oftentimes, it’s their story.

wordBrowne is working on a few concepts for publication, including historic fiction, sports biography, 1990s autobiographical. We have copyedited books for home inspection and self-help. Whether you have an existing book you are working on, or are looking for help developing a book concept around your business or mission, we can help. It’s what we do.

wordBrowne also approaches Annual Reports and Business Plans as if we are writing and/or copy editing a book. These are stories intended to position your organization accurately to investors and financial stakeholders. Like any good story, you need writing that communicates credibility, a compelling plot, imagination and inspiration. Even the most technical RFP requires a strong narrative.

All of these items – annual reports, business plans and proposals, as well as all of your content marketing – contribute to a larger story which has the makings of a great book. Whether you are self-publishing for marketing purposes or have a concept to pitch to publishers, we can help. It’s what we do.