eMail Marketing

What are your email marketing goals? Boost sales? Increase brand recognition? Build credibility? Establish expertise? Connect with target audiences? Strengthen customer relationships? Increase traffic to your website? Develop metrics to determine what works? Optimize time and budget?

If it’s some of these or all of these, wordBrowne can help you maximize opportunities with great content. Our writers have delivered winning content for trade show organizers, fashion merchandisers, manufacturers, international publishers, healthcare distributors.

Our email marketing approach has its roots in our founders experience with a Chicago agency that specialized in print direct mail marketing. With a portfolio of satisfied clients that included World Book, City of Chicago, US Cellular, and CostCo, he applied what he learned from these direct mail gurus to email once he left to become a marketing director.

In the early days of email marketing, his success with delivering emails with high open and response rates resulted in his presenting at the Marketing Sherpa’s eMail Marketing Conference in 2008.