Using The Power Of Words To Change The World

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Using The Power Of Words To Change The World

There are wordsmiths, and then there’s wordBrowne, using the power of words to change the world.

Great Copywriting that you can’t find in-house or from the rest of the freelance world. More than a freelance writer, Don Paul Browne was a Marketing Director, Product Manager and Agency Account Executive who understands the aches, pains & desires of Marketing Directors & Executives trying to drive sales with a stronger brand market presence.

Because of his strong writing skills, Don was asked to do double duty as an Editor/Publisher for an industry magazine while serving as a Marketing Director with a leading merchandising media firm. And because he knows how to connect with people on so many different levels, he has often been among the first people approached by well-funded entrepreneurs to start new companies – including one in his ancestral home: Ireland. Don has served clients & employers in several different industries, helping start-ups and best-in-category companies get to the next level in their business growth. In 2016, he co-founded Spiritus Writing, LLC (the parent company of wordBrowne) with the help of two leading executives who wanted to hire him for what he does best—writing!

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it!” – Simon Sinek

Great design is important, but the best creative is driven by the storytelling element of your brand. Spiritus Writing works with their clients to help them identify their “why” and put it into words that connect with target audiences, compelling them to act. Executives have a vision, but don’t have the benefit of time or internal resources to put this vision into words. As a Ghostwriter who has been in the marketing hot seat, Don knows how to create high-impact messaging that inspires co-workers and appeals to clients & prospects. In just a few short years, wordBrowne has helped clients gain measurable traction in the healthcare, construction/home-building, non-profit, trade association and political sectors.

Clients have taken advantage of Don’s writing services for a wide variety of communications needs, including product sheets, training guides and employee manuals, technical documents, and RFPs and proposals.

In everything we do, we aim to help you make an impact that is profitable for your organization. Our key offerings include:

Ghostwriting blogs, feature articles, speeches, presentations and other communications on behalf of executives and subject matter experts.

Copywriting for websites, content marketing, emails, and all other sales & marketing materials.

Story building for executives, entrepreneurs and aspiring authors who have something valuable to share about their lives, their businesses, their wisdom and innovations.

Blogging in his own name. Organizations have hired Don to give a lay perspective on their products, services, causes or missions.